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Humble Surgical Hospital Physicians Travel to Rwanda; Help Those in Need

Under any circumstances, facial reconstructive surgery is an extremely complex medical procedure. In addition to restoring function, procedures must also provide patients with an aesthetically appealing result, devoid of obvious scarring. When facial reconstructive surgeries are performed in a third-world country, an already complicated process can be made more difficult due to conditions on the […]

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HSH Physician Performs Successful Spine Surgeries Using Mazor Robotics Renaissance™

Humble, TX – December 6, 2012:  Spine surgical teams at Humble Surgical Hospital have successfully performed two minimally invasive spine surgeries using Renaissance™ Mazor Robotics’ guidance system over the past few weeks. The surgical team is pleased with both the clinical results and the integration of Renaissance™ into their spine surgery program. The first patient, […]

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