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Erectile Dysfunction from a Different Angle: Psychological Causes

No matter what you were told, yet far not all ED issues are triggered by the physiological factors. In fact, in many cases psychological ones start prevailing. ED pills like Cheap Viagra and Cialis, Super Active or Zenegra can help in overcoming the issue for several hours only. It means that they mask the real problem that remains unsolved. So, what should an average male with ED do? In case his problem is caused by psychology more than physiology, he must combine pills with other treatment options under a doctor’s supervision.

A Closer Look at Psychological Factors

There are not many of them, yet they are responsible for around 20-25% of all ED cases. They may be either the initial or just secondary reactions to the physical triggers. Some of them are closely related to sexual traumas and childhood abuse.

Today both researchers and doctors define six main psychological causes:

  1. anxiety;
  2. stress;
  3. depression;
  4. low self-esteem;
  5. guilt;
  6. indifference.

Often the fear for sexual dysfunction becomes a reason, too. Some males, especially very young or old, are afraid to make a mistake or fail. Suffering from such fears, they make the psychological causes more intensive and ED more severe.

A male usually experiences only one of them. Their combination is very rare. Yet when the problem becomes really persistent, it leads to a severe depression making both partners concerned. If this happens, please look for medical help and effective treatment. There are cases when a durable therapy is needed.

Are Stress and Anxiety Related to ED Real?

They surely are! These two psychological reasons are related as very real and very dangerous. They have physical effects that are pretty tough to overcome even today, when numerous drugs are offered in the market. Anxiety exists in the head, not the body. It leads to:

These three factors have a major impact on one’s sexual performance. Thus, anxiety is commonly treated as one of the core impotence triggers. What about stress? The ED pills you buy from Canadian border pharmacy can help with the physical side of the problem, yet stress – the psychological side – should be addressed in a different way. There are two ways for the stress to go: becoming benign or serving as a potent motivator. Even its lightest form affects one’s ability to achieve erection or maintain it. If stress is the cause that deprives you of normal sexual life, turn to helpful stress-reduction techniques that won’t take much time, yet will bring many benefits.

Relationship Problems and Their Contribution to ED

Not all relationship problems can lead to male impotence. If troubles are on the emotional level, they do affect sexual life of a couple. Add arguments and anger, poor communication or no communication at all and sexual desire will soon vanish. ED will become another consequence. What’s the way out? Both partners should find an alternative. If they don’t work through these problems, male’s ED will become a permanent condition. Its severe form can hardly be treated with Viagra or Cialis only. We suggest looking for professional assistance, when relationship issues are getting really persistent. A therapist or counselor can help work the things out.

Are Psychological Factors Treatable?

At Border Pharmacy we believe they are. When there’s no timely and effective treatment, a temporary problems turns into a permanent condition that can hardly be cured with any blue pill. When stress, anxiety or depression is the core trigger of erectile dysfunction, you can turn to prescription medications that help in coping with the psychological factor: Serzone, Remeron, Wellbutrin, etc.

The overall psychological condition can also be improved in several steps:

  • regular exercising for improving the overall health and as a part of a stress-elimination therapy;
  • administration of prescribed antidepressants;
  • taking medications like Viagra or Cialis for sexual function (their intake will help eliminate low self-esteem);
  • open communication with a partner, problem discussion, etc. This resolves many relationship issues automatically.

These easy steps will help to bring mental life to a healthy level and reduce risks for ED regardless of age. Of course, it is important to realize that all the described steps won’t resolve absolutely all problems for good. Professional depression and anxiety treatment should be included even if you buy ED pills. Never let any psychological factors influence your sexual life. If you have failed in that, choose timely treatment and therapies to overcome the issue. From its part Border Pharmacy will help buy pills and get professional tips.