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Canadian Health and Care Mall — Our choice of safe online medications supply

Dr. Sebastien Rousseau reviews Canadian Health&Care Mall, the online provider of generic medications.

Working with patients who are often in need of taking care of urgently, at our hospital we’ve been trying to catch up with the Internet order-and-delivery and implement the advantages the online stock can bring to our routine. We’ve tried working with a great variety of suppliers who offer generics online. Sometimes it worked out fine, other time it did not. Back in the day when online services just emerged, there were many suppliers here in Canada, who was not that reliable. There were issues with delivery, with a catalog vs reality discrepancies, with the customer care, even with simple basic knowledge on the part of the supplying company as to what exactly they are trying to sell.


Nowadays, Canadian online pharmacy market has grown large and competitive enough to offer a reputable source of supply of generics, which would be extremely difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Purchasing necessary medication at Canadian online pharmacies allows us to save

As far as the Canadian practice goes, it is customary to supply medications in bulk amounts for the particular province. This is a well-established scheme that allows pharmaceutical companies to save remarkably on the stuff they buy wholesale. Consequently, a store can go for a decrease in the price for a customer while still keeping its business profitable. On top of that, this bulk practice, which has been utilized by Canadian Health&Care Mall at the expert level, allows for more flexibility in offering great discount deals. The first time Canadian Health&Care Mall caught my personal attention was when they offered generics designed to treat BPH for a bulk; the deal proved to save our hospital several thousand dollars.

Of course, deals like that are rare, and that might be even that costs win over profits for an online market, but they win us customers this way for sure.

The patent regulations are flexible in Canada

What about patents when applied to online-purchased generics stuff? The thing is, Canada has a much more flexible patenting policy than in the States or in European countries. The patent and licensing organizatiоns have the sаme way to deal with licensing for any manufacturers, well-known or small ones. That is why many well-known brands: Pfizer, Bayer, you name it, feature among their assortments both branded meds and generics. A vast range of generic medications can be legally and surely patented here in Canada in any province. That makes a higher competition among online stores. At the end, we, as regular customers, get great deals.

Insurance on healthcare matters

For those who is not familiar with the local insurance system: Canadian healthcare insurance plans, they are very inclusive thanks to our ever so gently caring Government, which allows, in its turn, even patients with erectile dysfunction to be covered. I don’t know of any other country that would be the case. Usually these are still not covered by the general health insurance, but when it comes to the single payer program, they are often a bonus. Our medical specialists from various fields, not only urologists, but a bunch of others too, they are greatly relieved by this policy that allows supply stuff for the patients who are usually covered.

A variety of treatments

While the American patenting & licensing is mоre flexible when it comes to the meds made in the USA, the Canadian patenting & licensing is more universal. I mentioned before it has its benefits, but here is another one: the process makes it easier for obtaining a license for meds supplied from all over the world. That results in a much wider choice of options I have when it comes to Canadian Health&Care Mall catalog. In particular, I have a great respect for Indian meds, which are of decent quality and are on the level with the best stuff Bayer makes.

They really care about customers’ privacy

Canadian Health and Care Mall has definitely well-developed encryption technologies. I am subscribed to their newsletter to catch good deals, and never got a single spam email that would originate in my sharing my data with them. They also have very little annoying promotions that hyperlink you to their extra-services.

Flexibility of dosages

All generic mediations sold in Canadian Health&Care Mall are provided in the wide variety of flexible dosages, so I can pick a package for a particular case that would perfectly fit my patient. That make it stand out of the most online pharmacies I tried to shop with, as they usually do not dedicate much effort in dosages variety. Once they go the brand, they just place it on the online shelf- online Viagra, etc. When you got and pick it, it turns out that it is only available at one or two dosage packages, while I might need for my patients something else. With HealthCare Mall, this is an advantage.

Personal approach to discounts

I like it when a company uses personal approach to discounts policy. I remember one time I had to reject the deal with Canadian Health Care Mall Policy cause we did not have enough money on our account to pay for a large bulk of meds. At the same time, I was chatting with their support team regarding totally unrelated matters. They said at some point:”Don’t forget to address us should you need a personal discount.” At this point I’ve been dealing with them for a year, and was regarded as a valuable client. I go, “Know what? I have an urgent need for a discount right now.” They asked me what was the product I was in need for, and made more than 30 percent discount, now listen, from already discounted bulk!No need to say that since this moment Canadian Health&Care Mall is winners for me.

Canadian Health&Care Mall is always at hand when it comes to helping with an advice

If you have any worries regarding treatments you want to purchase at Canadian Health&Care Mall online store but still in doubt, they are readily available to 24/7. You can either contact them via phone, send mail, or simply go to their online chat. While many online companies dealing with internet clients are promising this, the team of CHCM is actually doing it. I appreciate that as all things related to healthcare entail urgent advice and immediate reaction. You can save lives if you react quickly. Exactly in line with this, They offers online chat not only with the sales department, but you could go and make a consilium with their doctors in case something urgent happened. I would consult frequently with their pro team regarding the newcoming medications that I was not sure were reliable and proper for this or that case. Always at hand, always provided with the reliable data and research, they often saved me from undecided situations. I also went risking and purchasing newly emerged medications, and it was never a case they failed with their advice or provided information that proved to be false in order to sell more.

Official Canadian Health&Care Mall contacts:

  1. Website:
  2. Support group –

One of the consultants there is my former student who I can trust as a diligent and knowledgeable expert. They are everywhere, though, not only in Canada, but spread throughout the world. I think there might be like 100 experts, including those in India, to get you advice round-the-clock.

Free shipping options and delivery insurance

  • A customer with Canadian Health&Care Mall is entitled for free shipping if your order is one of the following:
  • Regular Airmail are orders from $150,00 while Express Courier orders are from $300,00

Canadian Health&Care Mall also offers a flexible insurance in case something happens during the delivery. Shipping insurance is offered at ($4.95) and guarantees a reshipment. Our supplies with CHCM are starting from $200 and we are entitled for a free shipping insurance. This free shipping offer makes CHCM an exception in the field, as many online pharmacies do not bother with a variety of delivery options.

Reimbursement / return policy at Canadian Health&Care Mall

They are good in reimbursement, ever a sensitive matter, especially in healthcare, where it is virtually non-existent. Canadian Health&Care Mall claims it offers a flexible policy as far as reimbursements are concerned. It should be noted, however, that as usual with all things Internet, the reimbursement can be hindered by many factors such as banking/ online payment systems, the country of a client, etc. I did a return once with CHCM, as I had the wrong medication suggested by my colleague, and ordered it hastily. CHCM returned with zero hesitation.