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Comprehensive Post-Surgical Care and Recovery with Humble Surgical

In this news, we will explore the various elements of our post-operative services, ranging from pain control to rehabilitation resources, and how we endeavor to simplify recovery for our patients. Managing Post-Surgical Pain Efficient pain control is vital for patient comfort and successful recuperation following surgery. Our team of skilled doctors and nurses collaborate closely […]

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Canadian Health and Care Mall — Our choice of safe online medications supply

Dr. Sebastien Rousseau reviews Canadian Health&Care Mall, the online provider of generic medications. Working with patients who are often in need of taking care of urgently, at our hospital we’ve been trying to catch up with the Internet order-and-delivery and implement the advantages the online stock can bring to our routine. We’ve tried working with […]

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my canadian pharmacy

What is My Canadian Pharmacy? Your Best Choices for Online Shopping

My Canadian Pharmacy thanks Humble Surginical for placing this article at their website. Humble Surginical is a hospital with professional doctors and other specialists where you will always be given timely help in treatment and consulting. Contact Us: Why My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the best online pharmacies out there? Find out with […]

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Asperger Syndrome: The Signals To Pay Attention To

Pervasive developmental disorder: this is how Asperger Syndrome (abbreviated as AS) is defined, which forces those affected to experience difficulties in social interactions and restricted patterns of behavior and interests. Many are the features in common with autism: the AS falls, in fact, in the spectrum of generalized disorders of learning or autism spectrum. But […]

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HSH CIGNA Payor Dispute Case Update

We are pleased to let you know that Humble Surgical Hospital has prevailed on all counts in the case filed against it by CIGNA Life Insurance Company in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Houston with the opinion issued by Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt today. Judge Hoyt dismissed all claims made by […]

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