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Complimentary Parking

Humble Surgical Hospital offers complimentary parking for patients and visitors with quick and easy access to our main entrance, emergency entrance, and patient pick up station.

On-site Security & Video Surveillance

At Humble Surgical Hospital we care about patient safety. For the safety of our patients we provide 24-hour on-site security and live video surveillance. Access to private rooms is monitored and controlled by on-site security and accessible only by security card access to ensure the utmost patient privacy and safety.

Any Drug At Your Fingertips With Trusted Online Pharmacy

Post-surgery recovery takes time, and patient is required to take it slow, pacing the activities so that to achieve the best results in restoring integumentary integrity after the surgical intervention. In order to facilitate this process and make your life easier during these days required for the recovery, we suggest that you avail of all the benefits of online shopping whenever there is a need – and understandably, such a need is going to be immense before and after surgical treatment – for buying drugs. In this relation, let us introduce a reliable online pharmacy

At the official website of the company, you will be able to handle your drug shopping from A to Z: choosing the drugs and their dosage / quantity, finding the best price, getting professionally edited information about the medicines, their use and effects, and benefiting from a large number of deals and other cost-efficiency tools. Bonuses and loyalty offers make the experience complete. The range of drugs caters to the needs of the entire family and represent a treatment for almost every condition that there is. Shopping at Online US Pharmacy is protected by the most recent technologies and the privacy policy that vigilantly safeguards your personal information and payment details.

Wireless Internet

At HSH, you can stay connected with your life outside the hospital with our complimentary wireless Internet. Feel free to bring your Wi-Fi enabled devices with you on your next visit, and inquire at our reception desk for further assistance.

On-site Dining Activity

At Humble Surgical we offer quality service and products at our dining facility, the Humble Café. It’s a great place to join us any day of the week for breakfast or lunch. The Humble Café offers a wide variety of meals, snacks, desserts, as well as beverages. Stop by and see us anytime from 7am-3pm.

Complimentary Bottled Water, Coffee & Snacks

HSH offers complimentary snacks, coffee and bottled water to its guests, in addition to meals provided by the Humble Café. For further assistance, please ask the hospital receptionist.