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Plastic surgeon loves the Mommy Makeover

Name: Dr. Camille Cash

Age: 43

Occupation: Breast and cosmetic plastic surgeon

Community Connection: Performs surgery at Humble Surgical Hospital

Fast Fact: Cash was a competitive swimmer in school and a lifeguard during her summers in college.

Plastic surgeons perform breast enhancements, body contouring and facial sculpting, but for Dr. Camille Cash, there’s something extra special about the Mommy Makeover.

Essentially breast and abdomen corrections in one surgery, Mommy Makeovers are popular procedural choices among patients.

“I recently performed a Mommy Makeover on a woman who suffered eight miscarriages before successfully giving birth to two children,” Cash said. “The multiple pregnancies had taken a toll on her physically and mentally. I was able to restore her to her pre-pregnancy figure… It boosted her self-esteem and confidence, but I think it put just as big a smile on my face seeing her so vibrant and happy.”

The first board-certified African-American female plastic surgeon in Texas, Cash comes from a family of doctors. Her grandfather and his oldest brother were successful African-American doctors in Georgia who each had decades-long practices during the height of Jim Crow.

Cash also performs a large number of nun-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures with the use of injectables such as Botox, Dysport and facial fillers, as well as surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation such as face, neck and eye lifts.

“My approach is to create a natural, balanced appearance after surgery and not alter someone’s appearance so that it is startling,” she said. “The best plastic surgery is the kind that you can’t tell for sure what was done.”

Cash’s success enabled her to purchase her own building in Upper Kirby after a decade in the St. Joseph’s Professional Building. The new facility features a medi-spa, multiple procedure rooms and an on-site operating suite with private recovery room.

“I love surgery, the beauty of seeing the inner body at work and the ability to take corrective action if something goes astray,” Cash said. “My specialty offers the opportunity to combine the technical aspects, or science, or surgery with the art, or aesthetic beauty, of cosmetic and reconstructive work. The work is very personal and challenging and very rewarding.”

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